Tourism and culture, the quid?

Occupying one's idle time goes without saying. Some find pleasure in reading, others in the atmosphere. But there is a part that finds its ease in discovery. Travelling from one place to another, discovering new things, is called tourism. Let's talk about tourism and culture in the following.

What similarity between tourism and culture

Travelling, exploring, discovering, changing air, enjoying are so many words that define tourism. During this escapade, the tourist chooses a place with specific characteristics, a place either to learn new things or to brighten up his eyes at the beautiful things of nature. During the course of the trip, the tourist may well discover more than he or she imagined. Thus, a tourist site is not simply defined by the beauty that nature offers to the viewer. The culture of a country or region is also a very attractive factor. The culinary habits, the architecture, the style of dress, the rules that govern society, are all cultural factors that attract many people. Among these, craftsmanship does not remain on the sidelines. It is the kind of craft that conveys a message and tells a story through an object. Tourists are often interested in these items as a souvenir of their visit to a particular region.

African culture and tourism benefits

Africa is the cradle of humanity. It is in itself a whole history. Africa apart from its beauty has many other factors that attract visitors. It has a completely different civilisation from that of the West. The presence of museums, archaeology, contemporary villages attracts curiosity. Each region has its own history. Travelling through an African country can be like travelling through several countries. Let's talk about Benin with the historic city of Ouidah, which recounts the history of slavery. Egypt with the great archaeological site of Luxor, the castle of Elmina in Ghana, etc. All of these sites particularly trace the history of an entire people or part of a country. The interest in external culture is a very important factor in the world of tourism.