How to make money from cryptotab ?

Since the computer revolution, several applications and web browsers have been created. One of these is cryptotab, which is a modernised and very intuitive web browser. This browser has a good speed and is present on several platforms. Also, it allows mining bitcoins, which allows its users to make money. Discover in this article some tips to make money with this web browser.

Download and install this browser

Today, with the increased development of digital technology, there are a variety of ways to make money and one of these ways is to make money from cryptotab. To earn cryptocurrencies with criptotab browser, you first need to have this browser. Indeed, the latter is present on several download platforms. Thus, you will only have to go to one of the platforms promoting this browser and then download it. Once you have downloaded the browser, you will need to install it, which can be done on a computer or a smartphone. Make sure that there is enough space on your phone to store this browser, because if there is not enough space, it can cause malfunctions. Preferably, you can do the installation on your phone, which allows you to move around with it and get to your account at any time.

Create your account

In order to make money from cryptotab, you need to do the mining. However, this must be done from your account. For this, you need to create a personal account while filling in your email address and also a password. In case you have a Facebook or WhatsApp account, you can add it to your cryptotab account. They will allow you to invite friends who can create accounts that you will sponsor. This will increase your sales. To access your account, you must have an internet connection, otherwise access will not be possible.

Doing the mining

Every day, cryptotab allows its users to do mining. To do this, you must log in to your personal account to do so. You should do this every day that you have the opportunity to do so, as this will allow you to increase your turnover. It is also possible to earn money by watching the videos that this browser offers. The different games you play and the discussions you make through cryptotab will make you earn bitcoins.

Invite lots of friends

One of the principles that help users earn bitcoins is the referral system. In the form of a pyramid, the first cryptotab user is at the top of the pyramid. He or she conducts outreach to win the hearts of several people. To do this, you have to send your link to your friends' mailboxes or to the various forums to which you belong. Your friends will use their sponsor's account to create their own account. In turn, they will also invite other users who will adopt cryptotab into their daily lives. When these new users do their mining, it would increase your rating.

The various games, videos and discussions of those under your tutelage will increase your bitcoin. You have the ability to withdraw your bitcoins whenever you need them.