Mexico: tourist attractions

Mexico is a country on the American continent that is talked about a lot thanks to its culture. Whether it is the mariachis or the matadors, Mexico reasons by its festive atmosphere and courtesy of the inhabitants. Many wonder, however, why one should visit Mexico. This article introduces you to the various tourist attractions of Mexico.

Material assets

Mexico is a very beautiful country. A country that has countless green spaces. The flora and fauna of Mexico are very rich and highly diverse. Mexican beaches are always lively. There are also archaeological sites in Mexico that will allow you not only to discover the country, but also to learn more about the history of mankind. The country has abundant natural resources and raw material as gases, Gold, silver, coal, Zinc etc. In the country you can engage yourself in different activities and tour. One of the most impressive of these archaeological sites are the 'kukulcan temple' and this temple is an authentic vestige of the Mayenne civilization which has been preserved until today. The palace in their will amazed you.

Non-material assets

Mexico is a country of celebration. You can celebrate once in Mexico every day and this throughout your stay. In the streets you will meet dancers offering magnificent shows. The great peculiarity of Mexico is that the majority of the population is very courteous. You will be very well received even if you do not master the language, they are free with their visitors. Mexican gastronomy is one of the reasons why a trip to Mexico should not be neglected. If you are passionate about gastronomy, you will feel as if you are in heaven. Exceptional flavors await you in the streets of Mexico. And the last in this long list of tourist attractions is the climate. In Mexico, the temperature varies between 20 and 25 ° C all year round. This climate is semi-desert. So you can determine when to visit in the year.