The components of a fire extinguishing system

In order to prevent fires or fire hazards in your home, it is important to purchase and install a fire extinguishing system. But, before buying it, it is necessary to have an idea about the device. So, what are the different components of a fire extinguishing system? Find out about them in this article.

A fire extinguisher holder and cover

A fire extinguishing device is nothing but an extinguishing device and more importantly, a safety system that building owners and residents use to slow down fire starts and prevent them. It is therefore important to have a Fire extinguisher cabinet. Thus, it consists of several external elements that protect it and allow it to be effective. On the one hand, we distinguish the extinguisher support and the extinguisher cover. Indeed, the extinguisher holder is an accessory that allows to make your fire extinguishing device identifiable and visible. It essentially allows you to store it and keep it safe so that it doesn't break when it falls and so that it remains uncovered when needed. As for the fire extinguisher cover, it is also a safety measure of the device that protects it from shocks and accidents. It is more used for wall-mounted extinguishers and it allows them to keep their decoration and design.

The fire extinguisher cover and cabinet

On the other hand, we distinguish the fire extinguisher cover and the fire extinguisher cabinet which are also two essential components of a fire extinguishing device. Indeed, as far as the fire extinguisher cover is concerned, it ensures the protection of your layout by serving as a fire extinguisher cover. Fire extinguisher covers can be made of metal, steel or plastic depending on the material. Thus, it protects the contents of your fire extinguishing device. The fire extinguisher cabinet, on the other hand, is designed to protect the safety system of your fire extinguisher from electrical and technical damage. It also facilitates the transport of the device and protects it against dirt, vandalism, chemical debris and bad intentions. Furthermore, it is possible to find a fire extinguishing device with a fire extinguisher box.