The Most Amazing Destinations in Africa

Africa is a very beautiful continent. It is full of countless places, each more beautiful than the next. When we think of Africa, we directly see the savanna with the wild animals. Africa has many places that are of incredible splendor. In this article, you will discover the most surprising destinations in Africa.


Egypt is one of the best comfortable Nations in Africa. With the Nile as its great asset, which is the extended water way in the world. This immense body of water is the center of attraction of the whole country and is at the very heart of the Egyptian economy. For centuries, Egypt has been able to take advantage of this natural heritage which abounds in many advantages. The Nile first promotes the fluidity of transactions in the country. Whether it is the transport of goods or the transport of people, the Nile provides it, and this in record time. This waterway allows the fertilization of the local land. When the flood comes, it moves straight to the Nile being on the surrounding lands. This allows Egyptian lands to be fertile all the time thus propelling the country's agriculture each year to higher heights which make the farmer produce more crops and they benefit from it.

Chumbe Island Coral Park

Located in the Zanzibar Archipelago in Tanzania, the coral part of Chumbe Island has been a protected site since its creation in 1994. It is endowed with an exceptional fauna and flora, bringing together many plant and animal species. Its 14 km stretch of beach bordered by giant baobab trees and coconut palms is very calm and peaceful. This island's coral park derives its fame from the harmony reigning among the animal species found there. All these protected animals live in perfect harmony with nature. Many tourists from various horizons come to spend their holidays on this island just to feel the nature and they always leave satisfied.