Morocco: what tourist assets?

Tourism is one of the pillars of a country's economy. The tourist diversity of a coun
Try allows it to attract people from many walks of life and this directly impacts the economy. Morocco, a Magrebian country attracts several tourists every year. Discover in this article the tourist attractions that allow this country to attract so many people.

The magnificent Moroccan landscapes

Morocco is a country which has for many years put tourism at a considerable place in its development. Morocco tourist helps the economy by providing jobs for the youth. Country is on the edge of the Mediterranean, Morocco has magnificent beaches which are the pride of the country. From north to south, the country is blessed with very attractive landscapes. Fauna and flora made up of very rare species. The place of choice given by this country to the green nature has made it possible to conserve the numerous green spaces and forests of the country. Rocky landscapes also populate the country. You can therefore climb there if you are looking for great sensations. The Moroccan population is very welcoming. So once in this country you will be very well received. The culture of this country is ingrained even in the people. In addition, you will find some very interesting historical museums if you want to learn about the country.

Moroccan gastronomy

Moroccan gastronomy is very diverse. In Morocco there are different restaurant with beautiful designs, the cuisine is very special because they serve delicious traditional meal. Thus, you will find in each city a different flavor. Moroccan cuisine is predominantly Mediterranean with Arab and Jewish peculiarities. From north to south, you will come across restaurants both local and foreign. So if you are passionate about gastronomy, a thrilling adventure awaits you. The local specialties are highly diversified. In addition to all this, in its tourism sector development policy, the Moroccan state has made resources available to culinary players. This has enabled major innovations in this area