Recommended Resources

Gavin Menzies Research Team

The bestselling British author is a brilliant scholar. He is also the leading force behind revealing the solutions to the Mysteries of the Past. His efforts have had an enormous impact by providing a democratic Internet forum for scholars to share their discoveries with the public. He is a relentless “Time Detective” and a spellbinding writer whose books (1421—the Year China Discovered the World) have changed the nature of the historical arena that has been dominated by doctrinaire academics.

 Ancient American Magazine

Editor and Publisher Wayne May has invested over a decade of tireless efforts in assembling and printing articles on the latest discoveries concerning the discovery and development of ancient American cultures and societies. In addition to the quarterly magazine, the organization sponsors fieldtrips and national conferences.

 New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA)

This Association of scholars along the Eastern Seaboard publishes an annual review of the latest research concerning early explorations and settlements. Their particular interest includes enigmatic sites left by ancient Celtic, Minoan, Iberian, and Nordic seafarers.

 Atlantic Conference

Niven Sinclair, Historian of the Sinclair Clan, sponsored two conferences that focused on ancient voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. Presentations by speakers are archived in U-Tube vignettes that contain a treasure trove of the latest research.

 Paths Across the Pacific

Anthropologist-Historian Nancy Yaw Davis (U. Alaska) sponsors semiannual conferences concerning the latest research on early voyages across the Pacific Ocean. Held at Sitka, these inspirational gatherings provide a forum for innovative scholars.

Carl Johannessen—Geography Professor; Expert on Ancient Plant Dispersals

This University of Oregon professor was a pioneer in uncovering evidence of ancient domesticated plants that voyagers carried across the seas prior to Columbus. His groundbreaking research on ancient maize in India (11-1300 AD) with Anne Parker in 1989 was published in the academic journal, Economic Botany. The negative response by doctrinaire scholars was so-overwhelming that editors refused to review any further articles on the subject. A new book by John Sorenson and Johannessen (World Trade and Biological Exchanges before 1492) is an encyclopedia of plants carried across the oceans.

Laura Lee—“Conversations for Exploration”

Radio and Internet Host, Laura Lee, has been leading enthusiastic audiences into the realms of alternative history for over two decades. There’s always something new on her shows; and the Internet Archive is a chronicle of innovative research.

Robert Hieronimous—21st Century Radio

“Doctor Bob” is another relentless New Age artist and “Time Detective” who has established a radio-Internet forum for the exploration of alternative history. He was among the early scholars who recognized the importance of Ethel Stewart’s research on the Canadian Indian Horse Tribes and their origins from the Scythian-Tartar migration from Asia in the 13th century. He is also an expert on American symbols.

George Noory—Coast-to-Coast Radio

Host George Noorey has entertained the author on numerous occasions concerning the subject of “Forbidden History.” The Internet site includes an excellent archive.

Gerry Max—Wordsmith, Author, Intellectual

This part-time university professor has dedicated a substantial part of his life to uncovering the literary legacy of Richard Halliburton. In the 1920s, Halliburton traveled all around the world following in the footsteps of ancient explorers such as Odysseus, Alexander the Great, and Hui Shen. The subsequent public lectures were the equivalent of the “Discovery Channel” before people had television sets. Gerry’s book, Horizon Chasers (McFarland), recounts the travels and lectures by a man who inspired Thor Heyerdahl’s “Kon Tiki” voyage.


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