Events in the Nordic Heritage of New World Discovery

Nordic Heritage of New World Discovery compiled by Gunnar Thompson, Ph.D. Director, Multicultural Discovery Project International Heritage Society 6000 BC   Small groups of maritime hunters traveled across the North Atlantic in skin boats and dugout canoes following migratory birds and mammals.  They are known as the “Marine Archaic culture” in Scandinavian pre-history and as the “Red-Paint People” in New England archeology. 550 AD    Jordane’s History of The Goths reports Swedish-Germanic voyages to isles in the Western Sea. 770 Pope Gregory IV refers to the forested isle of “Greenland” (i.e., North America) in the far west. 800 Climatic Optimum Unusually warm weather in the northern latitudes results in excellent growing seasons on farms and rapidly expanding populations in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.  Young Vikings and traders sail to the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and to isles in the far west (North America). 865 Viking settlements in Iceland 981 Eric the Red’s … Continue reading