Recommended Resources

Gavin Menzies Research Team The bestselling British author is a brilliant scholar. He is also the leading force behind revealing the solutions to the Mysteries of the Past. His efforts have had an enormous impact by providing a democratic Internet forum for scholars to share their discoveries with the public. He is a relentless “Time Detective” and a spellbinding writer whose books (1421—the Year China Discovered the World) have changed the nature of the historical arena that has been dominated by doctrinaire academics.  Ancient American Magazine Editor and Publisher Wayne May has invested over a decade of tireless efforts in assembling and printing articles on the latest discoveries concerning the discovery and development of ancient American cultures and societies. In addition to the quarterly magazine, the organization sponsors fieldtrips and national conferences.  New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA) This Association of scholars along the Eastern Seaboard publishes an … Continue reading