Obituary – Dr. Gunnar Thompson

Joe Gunnar Thompson Joe Gunnar Thompson was born February 19, 1946 to Roy and Florence Thompson of Seattle. He passed away May 7, 2017 after a battle with cancer. Gunnar grew up south of Chicago, earned the Eagle Scout rank and was a counselor at a summer camp in Michigan. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in anthropology while doing research at Cahokia Indian Mounds in southern Illinois. He received a grant from the University of Wisconsin where he earned a doctorate in Rehabilitation Therapy. During his career, Gunnar taught at the State University of Whitewater in Wisconsin, Duke University, California State University at Fresno, and the University of Hawaii. He also did rehabilitation therapy work for Harborview Hospital in Seattle and for Jefferson County in Port Townsend. Gunnar was an accomplished artist in the mediums of painting, stained-glass, pottery and illustration. He was an expert … Continue reading

Maps Challenge Traditional Columbus History

Ancient Newfoundland Maps Challenge Traditional Columbus History Note: A peer-reviewed article about transatlantic trade between Newfoundland and Europe before Columbus is featured in the Winter Edition of the Portolan Journal by the Washington Map Society – November 2016. Newfoundland on “Italian Portolan”  c.1482 State Archive Collection Florence, Italy Document: “Nautical Chart VI” * This image is from a Russian language book about ancient maps by Bozhidar Dimitrov, Bulgaria in the Medieval Maritime Mapmaking, Sofia: 1984, Plate 31. This item was obtained from a used book dealer by associate Robert Ness for the New World Discovery Institute in Seattle. Dating and authentication of the map was by Italian scholars.   Introduction: Was America “Isolated” from Contact before Columbus? American historians have clung tenaciously to a long-standing belief that the New World continents were effectively isolated from Old World contacts until after the 1492 Voyage by Christopher Columbus. This concept of “New … Continue reading

Jacob Ziegler 1532 map of Gronlandia (Greenland)

Ziegler’s Map shows the location of “Codfish Land” at the extreme southern coast of a huge Northern Continent that included the Arctic Isle of Green Land as well as the East Coast of North America. Terra Bacallaos (arrow) represents Newfoundland – which was the principal source of cod. Read more … … Continue reading