Maps Challenge Traditional Columbus History

Ancient Newfoundland Maps Challenge Traditional Columbus History Note: A peer-reviewed article about transatlantic trade between Newfoundland and Europe before Columbus is featured in the Winter Edition of the Portolan Journal by the Washington Map Society – November 2016. Newfoundland on “Italian Portolan”  c.1482 State Archive Collection Florence, Italy Document: “Nautical Chart VI” * This image is from a Russian language book about ancient maps by Bozhidar Dimitrov, Bulgaria in the Medieval Maritime Mapmaking, Sofia: 1984, Plate 31. This item was obtained from a used book dealer by associate Robert Ness for the New World Discovery Institute in Seattle. Dating and authentication of the map was by Italian scholars.   Introduction: Was America “Isolated” from Contact before Columbus? American historians have clung tenaciously to a long-standing belief that the New World continents were effectively isolated from Old World contacts until after the 1492 Voyage by Christopher Columbus. This concept of “New … Continue reading

Jacob Ziegler 1532 map of Gronlandia (Greenland)

Ziegler’s Map shows the location of “Codfish Land” at the extreme southern coast of a huge Northern Continent that included the Arctic Isle of Green Land as well as the East Coast of North America. Terra Bacallaos (arrow) represents Newfoundland – which was the principal source of cod. Read more … … Continue reading