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This site features discoveries about early voyages to the New World, by explorers Marco Polo, Chinese Admiral Zheng He, Prince Henry Sinclair, and before. Explorations and maps were valuable enterprises, kept secret from competitors; both maps and records were changed to hide the truth. However evidence, much of it uncovered by Dr. Gunnar Thompson, has been found to demonstrate that early travels were far more extensive than commonly believed…

Joe Gunnar Thompson

Joe Gunnar Thompson was born February 19, 1946 to Roy and Florence Thompson of Seattle. He passed away May 7, 2017 after a battle with cancer.

Gunnar grew up south of Chicago, earned the Eagle Scout rank and was a counselor at a summer camp in Michigan. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in anthropology while doing research at Cahokia Indian Mounds in southern Illinois. He received a grant from the University of Wisconsin where he earned a doctorate in Rehabilitation Therapy. During his career, Gunnar taught at the State University of Whitewater in Wisconsin, Duke University, California State University at Fresno, and the University of Hawaii. He also did rehabilitation therapy work for Harborview Hospital in Seattle and for Jefferson County in Port Townsend.

Gunnar was an accomplished artist in the mediums of painting, stained-glass, pottery and illustration. He was an expert on the history of pre-Columbian world maps and pre-Columbian multicultural contacts between the Old World and the Americas. He published eight major books detailing evidence of contacts and trade between Scandinavia and America, and between China and America before the time of Columbus. In 2006 he presented a talk in Beijing on the 1418 Ming World Map that showed Chinese knowledge of North and South America before the time of Columbus.

Gunnar is survived by brothers Thor Thompson of Seattle and Rhude Thompson of Honolulu.

 Published in The Seattle Times on May 14, 2017
He is sorely missed by his brothers and by many friends. He was a true and reliable friend, always willing and available to help when needed. We hold his memory, all his laughter, quirks, obsessions, talent, good cheer, and consideration for others closely in our hearts.

A 2016 article by Gunnar Thompson appears in the The Portolan Journal, the scholarly magazine published by the Washington Map Society, available in many libraries.

The full article is available here in PDF format.

This may have been Dr. Thompson’s final article. A version of this  information is provided here in this post by Dr. Thompson.

Medieval Foundations by Gunnar Thompson_html_45332fc1

Newport Rhode Island Tower has medieval foundations

Gunnar Thompson’s research for the New World Discovery Institute is respected by Thor Heyerdahl, Betty Meggers of the Smithsonian Institution, and Philip Phillips of Harvard—among many others.

Gerhard Mercator identified “Norombega” as the Capital City of a New World colony.  placed this thriving city of trappers and traders along the Eastern coast of North America in the vicinity of modern-day Newport, Rhode Island, where the remnants of a mysterious tower have mystified historians.Norombega map

Read more about the origins of the Rhode Island tower now in Dr. Thompson’s book “Prince Henry Sinclair Victorious!”.

This website includes information about multi-ethnic voyages by all the world’s major maritime nations in ancient times. This has been the focus of efforts of the Multicultural Discovery Project and the New World Discovery Institute for the past decade.